Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Account Review

Players who use Gamestop may want to learn more about their PowerUp Rewards account and membership program. See this brief review to learn what the program is, and how you may benefit from being a member. The benefits program has two levels and includes a free basic membership, and a pro membership for an annual fee. All of the specific details can be found at

How Does the PowerUp Rewards Program Work?

Members receive exclusive benefits such as new ways to save on games and extras. Membership can bring you a higher level of exciting gaming. The program is designed to help you get more games and save while playing and having a lot of fun.

The basic steps of how the it works includes:

  1. Shop
  2. Score points
  3. Use your points

You can shop online at or inside your local Gamestop store location. Take your time and see what new game titles may be available, or maybe look up some of your favorite used games. You score and rack up points for each dollar spent on both trades and purchases. You can use these point rewards to get discounts and coupons on their products and merchandise. You can get game collectibles and other gaming gear.

• For complete program details see:

How To Activate Your Account and Login Online:

Ok, so you opened an account at your local Gamestop store, now what? First you may want to follow the guidelines and instructions provided when you registered for an account. To activate your account online, once you have signed up in a store see this link – There you will be able to activate your account and login or sign-in.

It is really easy to get going at that web page. When you are activating your PowerUp Rewards account, follow the appropriate link and provide the necessary information are required. One tip, make sure that you use the same email address as the one that is printed on your receipt from the Gamestop store when you enrolled in the program. It is that simple. You can create a new account or log in to an existing account for