Savings for People with Diabetes

The website at is one place online where people who have diabetes can get savings on necessary items. Created and managed by Abbott Laboratories, the website is where diabetics can find innovative tools and affordable diabetes management. Those with the blood glucose disease can get access to more resources so they can better manage their health.

About the My Free Style Website:

Diabetics and caregivers may want to visit the website from Abbott Laboratories and see the breadth of products, savings and information to help manage the patient’s diabetic health condition. You can join the FreeStyle Promise program to fully enjoy all of the benefits associated with becoming a free member. Their website for diabetics has a wide variety of information, benefits and activities you can perform. Some of these include accurate blood glucose meters, innovative blood test strips, expert tips and support, ongoing co-pay savings. You can also activate your program card and calculate how much eligible patients can save each month as a free member in their program.

The FreeStyle Promise Program:

Registration is quick and members get exclusive savings offers and monthly benefits.

Steps for registration to get free savings and support:

  1. Create your profile. Join the program and set up your free account
  2. Provide your contact information
  3. Complete the questions to provide your health profile
  4. Confirm your registration
  5. Enjoy the savings and health information benefits.

Once you have registered, you will then get your login user name and password, so that you can log in and sign in to your personal member account area. Also, once you receive your FreeStyle Promise Card, you will need to visit their website so that you can activate your card.

Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • Free blood glucose meter and replacement batteries
  • Co-pay savings for FreeStyle Lite test strips
  • Life and diabetes articles
  • Tools for diabetes
  • ‘Ask the Expert’ with questions that you may have 24/7 with diabetes educators.

The company also provides a page with ongoing offers and promotions.

When you access their diabetic resources, make sure to read all about the program along with the specific details. Eligibility requirements may apply depending upon your personal situation.